Do Your Duty

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Don’t let anxiety over life ruin your day!

Are you feeling down? Do you often have questions about life, the system, or the Workers? Don’t let those unnecessary thoughts trouble you anymore! We can bring you happiness in a bottle! Don’t hesitate to stop any Worker or HHC Committee member to ask for more details, because your happiness is important to us.

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Banned Book Reminder

Banned Book Reminder

We would like to give our lovely residents one final reminder that any book found on the “banned book list” is strictly prohibited. Anyone found in possession of this contraband will be reported to the Halcyon Happiness Committee immediately where they will receive a minor reprimand as well as a brief mandatory sedation period. Don’t worry, that’s not as scary as it sounds. It’s like taking a relaxing nap. We’ll even bake Sugar Cookies for your trouble!